Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful last!

Today I woke up with the sun in my face...well, not literally. Today we changed our time here in the UK to an hour ahead. Anyway, I went out walking and got some pics. And the greatest thing was that I discovered that there was a river right close to my apartment!! neato :) Here are some of the pics.

These guys sure gave a bounce to our steps downtown :)

Oh dear... this is my first time to post pics around here...I don't think it came out the way I wanted it lol... ah well...enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Ago...


Yuck! I hate it when I'm away for some time and have been through a lot, and the moment I wanna share stuff...I don't know where to start?!

Ok, here's how it goes. Seeing that I'm gonna be part of the creative writing realm, then I'll start it out as a free writing piece (to actually start writing whatever comes to mind without stopping for proof-read) so help me God lol.

(consulting the calendar)...

Right... March 9th, was a Monday.

Days before that, I had made up my mind to join a creative writing group in town. Did my search and came across one that appealed to me in terms of time and place (Borders Bookshop). It said on the website that the meeting was to be held at 6:30 pm at the basement. I got there, like, 5 minutes before, hoping to be punctual and stuff. I asked where the group met and headed towards their corner. Gulp!. As I approached the table, I found about 10 people were already there and they were discussing something. Ok so they came a bit early I figured. I squeezed in and was gladly welcomed with smiles all around and one of them shifted sideways to allow me space to sit. Thank you very much.

I was there just to listen and hadn't brought anything to read out. Yes, they read out their writings while the others listened and followed from copies. I was taking mental notes all along. 1. They read out loud (and fast! in Yorkshire accent! AARGH) lol 2. They brought their own copies and handouts, 3. You can simply a listener if you choose or give you critique about a writing, and 4. The meeting started at 6:00 pm lol ...the website, not me :S

When it was over, we parted on the prospect of meeting same place same "time" in two weeks. Surely I was determined to come back, along with one of my prescious masterpieces (hehe) don't mind me, creative, remember?

Next meeting, March 23rd (Yesterday)

So,after school, I didn't go home and had dinner out (I finish school at 4pm so I can't go and come back in two hours' time)Ok. 5:50 pm and I was at the table with a couple of others awaiting the noble knights of the round table (there it is again).

Two read before me. I was really taking my time, not wanting to be the first so as to not give a sloppy start for the evening lol had my writing not been good enough (smirk--jk)

'The time has come, my pungent friend, to read out your piece,' said a voice at the back of my head. I sat up, glad that I didn't jump, and distributed my copies around the table ("The Table" is more like it ;;) ) And I read.

To my surprise, when I finished reading and looked around, they all burst out talking at the same time! lol You can't imagine how glad I was about that. So, as they organised themselves as to who would speak first, almost all of them expressed how impressive my story was, let alone the way I presented it (If you guys are interested, perhaps you'd like me to post it for you?)One lady said that she loved my accent! I had to swallow my tongue and not mention the incident--the one I wrote about in one of my previous posts here (Can you be an American in the UK? in other words, can Americans be Americans?)--and accepted the compliment.

To be frank, I sensed that there was some kind of prejudice going at first when I pointed out that I had something to present. It was there in their eyes...I dunno, probably they were thinking, 'Ok, does she know what she's doing?'and 'Could she have anything worthwhile?'. Maybe it was just in my head, and that I had jumped to conclusions to how receptive they would be of me in the group.

Well, in the end, I was pretty pleased with myself. Having done what I had done. And proud to have, seeing that there's been this kinda "stigma" about muslim women (in addition to my being wearing Hijjab)and how they don't have a mind of their own (was that well put?). It probably is (was and will be) a personal crusade I'm willing to maintain to change that help me God :)

Till next time,