Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finding Your Balance

Yes. Life has its ups and downs. And once we get to realize that, we keep getting notifications of that over and over again. We try to remember how life was a peaceful journey that's all play and laugh... but we just can't. Wanna try for a bit?

You can't.

Okay you can. But, remember the notifications? You can never rest and savour those moments once they come ringing your bell, huh?


Why am I saying this? Well, it's been a stressful first week of 2011 </////< but ah well. I'm kinda worried, anticipating something, and am praying constantly for things to go right... so help me God.

I've seen about three movies today that left me thinking... each main character had a goal to pursue in life, consequently achieving them, yet through a series of ups and downs. Mishaps, hurdles, barb wires... and what not.

There's no balance in life unless we understand to live with the road bumps that come in our way. You don't fight fire with fire. You don't act stupid when somebody's dying. There should be no complaints of putting up with someone who doesn't live with you for at least a couple of hours... the list goes on, dear readers.

Reaching the state of inner peace is such an amazing race. It was to me. And I'm still working on it.

If you really want people to like you, why not like them first? per se...

You know the saying: You can't give what you don't get?

Well, maybe that's wrong. I think it is. At least for most cases, it is, and with that I refer back to inner peace.

How do I find mine?

I basically prayed for it, and keep on doing so. I don't precisely say, "Allah, grant me inner peace." No. When you pray for your well-being, you're praying for inner peace. When you ask Allah for guidance, that's how you end up feeling good about yourself as a result of finding your way.

Why do we keep on worrying when we know that The King of Kings is always with us? Why do we feel insecure when He's always there for us?

I have faith in Allah's power over things, and His assistance and guidance... it's just, I can't get myself to stop worrying. It's not normal, when you say you're confident that Allah would put you through. I need to lower the level of my nervous system ^/////^ because it's just getting silly.

So, I have yet another thing to pray for...hope for...

A friend of mine on facebook asked through her status: Have you ever made du'aa to Allah and he has granted it for you? What is it?

To me, it was kinda absurd.... I replied: لا أحصي ثناء عليه

i.e. I can never count the blessings He's bestowed upon, Most Gracious, AlMighty...

I love Allah... and I love His prophet Muhammad peace be upon him...

We don't need yoga to find our inner strength, do we? It's a force that's intangible...

And I'm glad...

Keep your inner peace and strength if you've established one guys ^_^

Till next time,


Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Beginning...

Hi y' all!

To begin with, this post won't be that long. At least not long enough till I've made my main point ^,^ heehee

I've mentioned previously that I'm in for a better year inshallah.. pretty optimistic about it, I must say :)

So here's to the new year! I'm in for a fresh start. New technique in living. New mentality to go with it. New everything inshallah...

If I had the chance to go back home before my time in the UK is up, I'll make sure I go as a different person than I came like. (make sense??) To the better of course!!

I'll let you in as soon as I sense the change has made its effect upon my life. Pray for me guys :)

As I'll pray for you :->

Take care and have a good one ;)

Till next time,

Sparkle xxx

Saturday, January 1, 2011

That Time Again ^_^ /

Dear All,

I trust you've been well?

I have. And haven't at the same time. You know complicated me.

And it's very often truly...complicated :)

Yeah, highlight to the " :) "

I know I shoulda told you guys looooads of stuff but... I'm only human >/////< 


So, in order to keep my life in check (you do realize the difference when you record stuff down in any form, be it diary, blog...etc) I went through Dec 2009. I know I didn't do a resolution back then... but I had one in mind. I mentioned most of my intentions throughout my entries that followed.

I decided since it's a little overdo that I might talk a bit about the major events of 2010 for me :)

Here goes!! \(^,^)/

*Will try and keep it in chronological order* (heehee)

1- 2010 started off with my being head-over-heels and way deep into my studies (first semester) I was struggling to establish myself among my peers... not knowing how I'd ever measure up to their writing abilities and experience. I felt really lonely :(

2- I think when I received the results of my first semester that's the time I figured out where I was standing... that was the spring board that allowed me to form and plan my following steps into the course (MA course).

3- I made good friends from my group (awkward enough... yes, some of which were English!!)

4- Spring/ Summer found me digging way deep into my research project... something I'll be forever proud of ^_^ All thanks due to Allah Almighty...

5- Major disappointment: Wanted to go back home (Libya) for the summer.... needed a breather really badly!! Did not go as planned.... and I never went. Major payback: I got to work extra time on my project. So there you go XP

6- It's been a long time since I last studied during Ramadan (last time 2002 I think? When I was in second year at college ^_^) And Ramadan was really hard this year... hot long hours... Inshallah we'll be rewarded greatly ya rab.

7- I've been thinking seriously of getting married ASA I am through with my MA ^_^"

8- I had my haircut so short just like last time back in, like, 1992? :) woohoo!!

9- I felt so free-spirited, and tried out a lot of things I've always wanted to try out... I now know for sure that I'm way stronger than ever.... and I'm a survivor.

10- I've been yet again through another breakthrough in matters of the heart... and I'm glad.

11- I graduated and received my certificate... my main mission here in the UK finally accomplished :)

I think December was the most month in which I cried.... Life's hard, no matter how "strong" I think I am... but as I like to say: I allow myself the space to grieve... just in fear I might suffer from side-effects on the long run (God forbid).

Will be back with more inshallah

Here's wishing you a happy new year... I'm optimistic!! So feel the same ^_^

Till next time