Tuesday, April 13, 2010

P.S. I Hate You!!


Sniff sniff T_T

Why meeeeee? why meeeee?


A week ago, I heard bad news. I went online with my sister in Libya and she told me that my brother had had an accident at school. @_@ Gasp! Shock!

He appeared on webcam... oh my dear God... he had a serious cut on the eyelid of his left eye -_= He had fallen on the edge of a set of lockers outside his class and WHAM! it split in two....ugh!

He was taken to hospital later on and got his eye stitched (is that how they say it?) and now he's fine thank God... -__-" it was a major scare for the whole family. My Dad wasn't present through all this... he was in Tripoli (work) and he was so enraged.

Yup. Just wanted to let you know why I wasn't around recently. Yeah... like I'm a regular in the first place!! >///<


P.S. I Hate You...

Sounds good for a story title, eh?

But this is real life, and it's what I really wanna tell someone. Do consider the "P.S." thingy... like, being angry in a polite way lol

I wish I could say this to Julia's husband... he's totally getting on my nerves *Grrrr* Two months and the baby's still with no name, till Julia finally gave up and told him to choose whatever. She wanted Daniela.. he wanted Adriana...

I mean, Adriana? Puh-lease! Sounds more like a name from a history book.

That's not the real point. He's been saying no to all the name she's come up with (in addition to my suggestions) and he's like: "Nah, it reminds me of someone..." "Nope, my ex-wife's cousin's daughter is called that and she got pregnant at 19..."


I could slap him! *smack smack*

Eventually, and after getting on our nerve like Hell, they finally registered her as "Daniela" woohoo!

Yeah, right. He still doesn't like the name and doesn't called the baby with it, still calling her "Little". And the other day he said to Julia that he only did it coz he didn't want to make feel more depressed... i.e. accusing her of postpartum depression??


It makes me really sad whenever she tells me, "Enjoy your singlehood as much as you can!"

I know not all guys are jerks... but how come all that I come across are like so?

God with us all...

Till Next Time fellas!!