Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stop. Drop... And Stay As You Are?



Hello again!

You know something? It seems like time has started going fast forward...eerily! I mean, it was just last Thursday that I met Garry, and today I met him again for my before last tutorial with him. @_@

Today we discussed some oints that I'm going to be working on by next Tuesday, let alone my critical essay -__-" The good thing was that his comments weren't negative. No. He actually wanted me to expand.

I've used some verse from the Qur'an as reference to the marriage issue, how it is not allowed between Muslims and non-Muslims. He said that he wanted an essay, not a sermon... he had a point. I guess I somehow got carried away >////<

He says I need to explore my approach in the creative writing aspect of my project, indicating my message through my main character who is a young Muslim woman.

Ah well.

There's so much to be done. The thing is, to get it done. I've only got less than three weeks for submission. May Allah aid me in doing so.

Last week, I learned a new prayer from a Libyan friend of mine here.

اللهم بارك لي في وقتي

Translation: O' Allah, let me make good use of my time.

It's not a literal translation, but its got the general meaning.

I've been up to a lot of work lately, at Uni, and at home. I somehow resorted to Wednesday as cleaning day of the week. I'd dust, mop and clean the WC. ^_^

But yesterday's work really got me tired and ending up with a backache T_T

Moving on! \(>o<)/

As I said previously, I'm thinking of starting another blog. Well, not just one. Two!


The voice inside me says, "You're not even coping with this one, you're starting two others?!"

"Yes!" Says I (feel free to think that I've flipped out), "Variety is good! Change is good!"

I can't wait to get myself out there, in the world! Thee world of non-students! << 'Thee' was a typo, but I guess it served the purpose hhhhhh


I'm thinking of taking up a language course. ITALIAN! Mamma mia!

Yup. Wow! I feel a sudden rush of optimism, that my neck hurts...

So, I'll be back with s'more... just stay tuned... my humble followers of 10 ^_^

Till next time,

Sparkle xxx

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The: What? Where? When? 7allah ...


So, it's been almost 12 days since the beginning of Ramadan... and it was only two or three days ago that I've made the discovery of my life.

Don't worry, I'm not adopted! hhhhhhh (no offense here)

I've had the praryers' timetable printed out for the whole year 2010, and according to it, Fajr praryer was around 3 a.m. this month.

It was till I checked the grand mosque's website that it was totally different...changed??!! @_@ That instead of 3 a.m. it was 4:30 a.m.


Yeah, yeah, yeeeeaaaah... urgh!

I've been fasting for like 18 hours when it shoulda been, 16 or so.



We've had very nice weather... warm relatively, and then rain rain rain, especially in the late afternoon. *sigh* Reminds me of summers in Switzerland. Whenever the temperature exeeded 30, it had to rain at night... heavily! ^_^ love it!


Last week, I told you I was gonna meet with Garry. And I did on Thursday.


In addition to two typos in the whole script (-___-" sheesh!) he gave my script an extreme "feedback"-over... as in, comments and notes everywhere.

Note to every fellow reader: I totally have no problem with notes, criticism, or whatever on my work :)

The thing is, the thing that reeeeaaally p***ed me off, was that he commented on stuff already there for like, ages! and this is when he decided to notify me about them...


Is this where I have to hate him?

Deadline's due on Sept 13th, and here I am gaping at my script... not knowing what to do with it...

That's where all the WHs came to mind...


Now I not only need to re-edit my script, but also start with my freakin' critical essay...

GASP! Which reminds me! How many words should it be??!! o_O

Puff. It's not there!

I hate my university email.


Moving on.

My brother's been on a serious retail therapy. And the thing that I've noticed? I get to feel better when he's shopping. Even though I'm not buying anything.


Man, we're so weird hhhhhhhh


Okay. Calling all girls.

I'm sure you're tuning into at least one or two of Ramadan's series on TV/internet.

My sister in Libya (let's call her Deedee ^_^) told me about an egyptian soap opera called:

عايزه اتجوز

Translated: I want to get married.


Like, I thought I had enough of that topic so far. But when I checked it out on mbc.net, I changed my mind. It's totally hillarious! >_<

It's about a single egyptian woman in her late 20s early 30s, striving to get married in a time when a decent groom is a hard catch... -__-"

Today, Deedee sent me a link of the writer's blog, on which the series is based.


Her name's Ghada Abdelaal, and her blog carries the same name as the series. Like, Da! lol

And here's the link if you're interested. I skimmed through it, and believe me, you're in for loads of fun! Her style is both light and entertaining.



I need to rap up now. But before I go, I think you deserve to know what's going through my mind.


I'm thinking about starting a rant. Yes. A R-A-N-T. Like, I got so much on my head, shoulders, back...everywhere. (Heart included ^////^)

And I really need to get myself to write more. And since, to me, this seems like the easiest, most private (who am I kidding?) means to do so... then so be it.

Be back for more... B-D

Love out and about to everyone!

Till next time!

Sparkle xxx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Okay...um... Salamu Alaikum

Ahe Ahe heehee -___-"

^ That was something you'd very likely hear from Maroco (ماروكو؟)

I've been lazy enough to add an entry around here...bleh!

Lazy? Or busy?

Yes, busy's the word... I've been working like mad on my research project. The one I've been blabbering about for some time here.

On my last tutorial with my supervisor (did I mention his name's Garry?) Anyway, he said all was fine...yadda yadda... but it was getting too long, outta hand -__-

As a writer, you need to get into grips to not allow yourself to over-write. But, you know, in my case, I like to over-write... coz that always makes it easy to cut cut cut!! (Schnitzen in German... right) heehee

However, since I'm a very obedient student (.....) I did as I was told and cut out a huge amount of scenes from my script @_@ It's not so bad, you know. You get to realize that some stuff don't actually belong there in the first place... you know the voice inside that says: "Cut the crap, will ya?"

Yeah, that kinda thing.

Following my last blog entry, I solemnly inform you that I stuck to exercizing... for like 2 weeks or so... -__-" ahe ahe aheehee

I got busy!! Gimme a break!! T_T *sniff sniff*

But not to worry (tadaaa!) I just discovered recently - like, two months ago >///<- that a new sports center was opened on campus. There's this cool swimming pool that I drool at whenever I pass by it. I went to the center's website and it shows the pool's timetable and stuff. There are two hours for women only: one on Tuesday morning, the other on Friday night.

I got hyper when I learned about this... but then, there's the part where the pool is see-through... how's that ever gonna work? Bum-er...

Until last week when my brother came for a visit from Libya, it all turned around. (he's staying till after Ramadan btw ^_^) Just to make sure he never got bored whilst I busy myself with finishing my research, I took him to the center so he could go for a swim whenever he wanted. He's 16, and I'm sorta kinda overprotective of him ^_^... so I asked the lady at the front desk if I could chaperon him inside (I actually wanted to see what it was like inside- as in, the changing rooms and showers... safety measures- over and out).

It was all A-Okay :) and what's more, I turned and saw the lady catching up with me to say: "There are hours for women on (ditto above) and the blinds are lowered to cover the windows."

Oooooooh praise the Lord!! *sniff sniff* It was like she threw a life-buoy at me... I was saved!!

Ahem, exaggeration...

So, last Monday, I went with my friend Julia to buy a swimsuit. I got one from JJB (a sports shop) for only 12.99 pounds ^_^ , black, and Addidas XD

Of course I wore black tights under it and a tight black vest as well. And I went yesterday ^_^ *sigh*

Can you imagine? The last time I went swimming was in 2007, when I went with my folks to a summer resort in Libya T_T loooong time.

I feel rejuvenated, and happy that I get to stay in ship-shop shape XP woohoo!

So, now it's not just the walking. It's the walking and swimming B-D heehee

Now, back to work.

I'm almost finished with my third act. Garry says that I'll only be able to submit a minimum of 60 pages of the script T___T gaaaa!! but I need to finish it nevertheless just to get a better sense of the whole story. *sigh* After which I need to start working on my critical essay (which I'm sure I've mentioned something about in an earlier post here -__-)

It should have a topic, says he. Then he suggested I write about the impact of the western world on Muslim women...the singles, that is.

And I was like, "Okay... I think I can do that..."


Well, it's off to work for me now. Loved coming back !!

Happy Ramadan and may you all be well and happy! Maybe I'll get to do what I did last year on my blog. Like a day to day entry of how it's going for me during the holy month.

Will leave it to God's will :)


Till next time,

Sparkle xxx

PS: I solemnly cut down on the fries !! ^_^ yippeee!