Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charity Dinner For Libya - London/ April 23rd

Hello again,

To all of you who haven't been tuning in to my other blog Visions of A Libyan, this is a reminder that there'll be a fundraising dinner in London on the 23rd of this month.

Click on the image above to enlarge, and for more details and info please visit: http://wmclibya.org/

If you think you can't make it or donate, please help us by sharing with as many people you can :)

God bless !

Till next time,

Sparkle xxx

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heads Up!

Hi guys,

Totally, utterly busy these days online. I'm constantly jumping from window to another, facebooking, tweeting and freaking out! The phone's got a hand in all this as well -___- Ya know, calls from friends checking in on me, me checking in on family back home, and so on.

There's still no word from my fam but I'm staying positive, though their city has been under constant attack for weeks now.

So, in the midst of all this, I've decided to open up my blogging experience with those whom I know in real life and close friends. You're invited too my dear loyal followers :)

Visions of A Libyan will be about my thoughts during these hard times, and will continue on inshallah hopefully to witness a new and better Libya. So, you'll be led along throughout the process of discovering the drastic changes that we Libyans hope our country to undergo.

Much love from me now, gotta go back to tweeting and fbeeing (lol)

Keep praying for us,

Till next time

Sparkle xxx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S.O.S. Libya!!

Hello again,

Just a heads up to what's being done here in the UK for the aid of Libyans in distress in Libya. Next Sunday the 27th of March there'll be a 10km run to raise £10,000 to purchase a ventilator for a hospital in Libya.

The venue is Newham, London... if you can't be there, then please reach out with a donation.

Remember, Allah assists a person who assists his brother :)

كان الله في عون العبد ماكان العبد في عون أخيه

Much love, follow the link: Just Giving

Till next time,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Times Like These

Yes. In times like these, words seem to lose their way to my mind.

It's been a month since the revolution in Libya took place and it's still going. There's no stopping to a Libyan who wants freedom. Since it was sparked, it's gotta find its way till the end. And there will be an end.

A happy one.

I've lost contact with my family and friends in Libya. It's been five days since I last heard from my family in Misurata... the phones are dead. No internet connection: the only means I was able to check on my friends in Tripoli.

I'm scared for everyone there. 

My aunt in Sirt keeps us informed about my family now (internal calls are possible at times). Still, it's not the same as hearing their voices and knowing for sure they're OK. Even though they might be physically all right, it's the mental part I'm worried about. I mean, seeing the bombings on TV shatters me to pieces, so what with them being a mile away from the locations being targeted.

It's surreal. Seeing the streets where I used to peacefully drive to work or to the shops...

Makes my mind go blank.

This is definitely my worst nightmare.

The only thing I can do best at the moment is pray for their safety and to all those brave fighters who have nothing to lose but to go back to what they've been suffering from. And there's no turning back.

Till next time,

I <3 Libya


Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Days and Counting...

"We do not surrender. We either win, or die."
Omar Mukhtar (1862 - 1931)

Dear beloved world,

The conflict of fellow Libyans has entered its tenth day. How do you feel?

Don't act sympathetic and return that question to me!

You know exactly how I feel. How we all feel.

My mind is now overcrowded with 'What if's?' and 'When will's?' ... 

Believing that it's wrong to say that it's all too much. There's gotta be someone who can bear it all. Why not that someone be me? You? Everyone?!

At first it was a matter of 'OMG is my family Ok?' but then, it moved on to an even bigger issue. A matter of greater magnitude: Worrying about every single Libyan in the country.

Every time I hear about someone (let's be honest, many!) dead, I somehow die with them. You know the feeling when your blood freezes in its route? There you go. And I get that on a daily basis, for the last ten days.

It's an astounding cause we're looking at here. I've been receiving love and support from everywhere, something which has given me strength. I've also been in contact with my fellow Libyan friends here, giving each other strength and comfort.

We've been arranging stuff in support for our loved ones in Libya, such as fasting and Qiyam at night. There's also a medical relief campaign which I hope you, my dear reader, would be kind enough to pass on.

Libya would be eternally grateful.

For more info on how to make your contribution (ASAP) visit the campaign's website:

And if you're interested in more info and updates on what's going on back home, you're more than welcome to follow up on twitter:

Love and hope for Libya's liberty soon

Sparkle xxx

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Heart Bleeds For You...

It torments the heart, to see my beloved country struggling.

My country? It's not just Libya. It's the Arab world...

I'm an Arab and I'm loving it. Ever have been, ever was.

With regards to recent events, which have kicked off the year 2011, the world has were in for some hard core suspense, starring none other than the people themselves. The proud citizens of the arab nation.

When it all started in Tunisia, it was all like some kind of blurry dream, that I needed a long while to comprehend. Then there was the Egyptian riots. That's when it all rang loud and clear to me. 

We have a voice. And we can make a difference.

My heart bleeds for Libya. Severely.

There was this guy on TV who started complaining and accusing Libyans abroad that they have no idea what's going on in our dear country. 

Well, listen here Mister! 

I can't sleep at night... because I have a family to worry about back home... and we're far apart. And it freaks me to pieces whenever there's no phone signal wherever they are... or when the internet connection goes poor.

No matter how long we're away... we're all coming back. Our hearts bring us back.

May Allah protect you... Libya... Arab world...

And protect our loved ones.... and those whom we don't know...


Till next time,


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finding Your Balance

Yes. Life has its ups and downs. And once we get to realize that, we keep getting notifications of that over and over again. We try to remember how life was a peaceful journey that's all play and laugh... but we just can't. Wanna try for a bit?

You can't.

Okay you can. But, remember the notifications? You can never rest and savour those moments once they come ringing your bell, huh?


Why am I saying this? Well, it's been a stressful first week of 2011 </////< but ah well. I'm kinda worried, anticipating something, and am praying constantly for things to go right... so help me God.

I've seen about three movies today that left me thinking... each main character had a goal to pursue in life, consequently achieving them, yet through a series of ups and downs. Mishaps, hurdles, barb wires... and what not.

There's no balance in life unless we understand to live with the road bumps that come in our way. You don't fight fire with fire. You don't act stupid when somebody's dying. There should be no complaints of putting up with someone who doesn't live with you for at least a couple of hours... the list goes on, dear readers.

Reaching the state of inner peace is such an amazing race. It was to me. And I'm still working on it.

If you really want people to like you, why not like them first? per se...

You know the saying: You can't give what you don't get?

Well, maybe that's wrong. I think it is. At least for most cases, it is, and with that I refer back to inner peace.

How do I find mine?

I basically prayed for it, and keep on doing so. I don't precisely say, "Allah, grant me inner peace." No. When you pray for your well-being, you're praying for inner peace. When you ask Allah for guidance, that's how you end up feeling good about yourself as a result of finding your way.

Why do we keep on worrying when we know that The King of Kings is always with us? Why do we feel insecure when He's always there for us?

I have faith in Allah's power over things, and His assistance and guidance... it's just, I can't get myself to stop worrying. It's not normal, when you say you're confident that Allah would put you through. I need to lower the level of my nervous system ^/////^ because it's just getting silly.

So, I have yet another thing to pray for...hope for...

A friend of mine on facebook asked through her status: Have you ever made du'aa to Allah and he has granted it for you? What is it?

To me, it was kinda absurd.... I replied: لا أحصي ثناء عليه

i.e. I can never count the blessings He's bestowed upon, Most Gracious, AlMighty...

I love Allah... and I love His prophet Muhammad peace be upon him...

We don't need yoga to find our inner strength, do we? It's a force that's intangible...

And I'm glad...

Keep your inner peace and strength if you've established one guys ^_^

Till next time,