Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Beginning...

Hi y' all!

To begin with, this post won't be that long. At least not long enough till I've made my main point ^,^ heehee

I've mentioned previously that I'm in for a better year inshallah.. pretty optimistic about it, I must say :)

So here's to the new year! I'm in for a fresh start. New technique in living. New mentality to go with it. New everything inshallah...

If I had the chance to go back home before my time in the UK is up, I'll make sure I go as a different person than I came like. (make sense??) To the better of course!!

I'll let you in as soon as I sense the change has made its effect upon my life. Pray for me guys :)

As I'll pray for you :->

Take care and have a good one ;)

Till next time,

Sparkle xxx

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