Saturday, October 18, 2008


When you’re young, you never get to realise how foolish you are only till you grow up and mature. Such is not the case with everyone, of course, for some have had an ideal childhood, all respectable and to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I had an appalling past or anything, no. The idea I’m trying to correspond here, is the fact that there is a proportion of people who have a difficulty in expressing their true emotions, their hidden anxieties established thereon.

In terms of having fun, as a child, I’ve had loads of it. I was born, raised, and lived outside of Libya, for many years. I knew a lot about Libya, owing to our (my family and I) annual summer visits. I remember truly well, how overwhelmed my sisters and I were whenever we were there. The sand, the palm trees, the heat, the running around barefoot! lol.

Those were the old days. The overwhelming continued to a point in time. As I grew older, my eyes getting wider (figuratively) taking in the world around me, the whole thing changed. Relatives whom you loved so much and cherished sorta transfer into insufferable nuisances; not all of them, however.

Some used to call us abroad and nag when are we to come back and settle down in our homeland. That really made us long to it, and we finally decided to come back...

And here I am, years through living here. Quite remarkable, I say. It’s been a series of squishing and squashing, that, looking back at it all, a smile surprisingly quirks my lips. The first year was extremely exciting; being new and fresh in a place is kinda fun. But then, as times washes by, you see the true coloring of life around you. You suddenly feel the importance of time, which was once the leading aspect in our lives (come on! Switzerland! You can set your time on the people around you!)

Sometimes, going into details could be painful and stressful, so, I’ll be mentioning stuff from here and there, occasionally.

Till Next Time...

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SoulSeek said...

Life is a journey.

It's all about learning from experiences and putting them into practice. We go through a series of phases in our lives. Childhood, Teenage years, Uni life, Married life etc

This is all to prepare us for each stage. I've got a painful past, on the positive note, it's that past which has shaped me over the growing years. I don't despise it wish for different circumstances.

Jasmine's blog really hit home. Make sure to start from the beginning, it makes your appreciate how some people grow up. I could relate closely to her but it really gave a sense of direction when I saw that there are others who have been through worse.

We all have a story to tell, it's about how you deal with it.