Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day in 2008's almost over.

People keep talking of "New Year's Resollution", and it's great! But it really makes me ponder; so, you need to make a list in order to keep your life in some kind of order? Do I need one? Who are those that need one anyway? Am I that bad to make one, to make my life better?

And so on...

I ended up with one thing actually, and it's to get a new diary to jot down 2009 month by month. Since I'm in the writing domain, then documenting my new year in a different country, would definitely be worthwhile :)

Have you made one?

To me it's usually the same. Though I never made a full length list- a mental list, that is- they're only a couple each year, and I'm glad to have achieved them, if not respectively, but they came with time.

One of which is to do well in my career as a university teacher, and to stand my ground and prove that I'm worthy of respect.

And I'm glad...


Libyan Violet said...

You remind me of a younger version of myself. I think the diary is a good idea, and coming back to Libya as well :)

I look forward to your stories.
PS I have no new year resolutions except trying to be the best that I can for Pearl.

Happy New Year 2009

Sparkling Motivation said...

Libyan Violet, you can imagine how much I have related to your stories- minus the marriage part, though-.

I was recommended by a long time friend to have a look at your blog, and I'm really thankful for him.

Happy New Year 2009 to you too. I'm sure I've a lot to share around here, although I'm not that good at blogs (it's good to learn :P)

Good Luck

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Sparkling Motivation,
Came across your blog from Libyan Violet's blog. :-)

I would have to say I do not make New Year's resolutions. Stopped that long ago as it just seemed to be a way to set one's self up for failure only because maybe the resolution wasn't too unreachable or my expectation was too high and only was disappointed when it wasn't achieved. So now rather I embrace the new year with enthusiasm to see what it brings along my life's journey.

Goofy, huh?

Sparkling Motivation said...

Thanks ibeebarbie for passing by, I do agree to what you've said, and unfortunately, as I mentioned in my blog that I'd start a new diary for this year; I haven't done that yet! :P

Salam to you too and keep coming back :)