Saturday, February 14, 2009

V Day

Dear V Day,

How nice of you to drop by. How I'm doing? Pretty well thank you very much ;)Given it's the weekend, I went downtown to enjoy a day at café nero. Not with a significant other, no, lol. I say this light-heartedly, and I'm truly glad that people don't celebrate it here as excessively as those in Switzerland do: the color red everywhere, balloons, banners, chocolate, teddybears! I am sooo relieved to be honest. Of course a part of me would be wanting someone there, not just this day, but everyday! But, what can I say? Beggars can't be choosers? lol

Right next to where I live, there's this kinda leisure complex, with a cinema, bowling, gym, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and so on. They have this Valentine's Fun Fair going on till the 22nd. How cute. So, instead of sitting in a quiet corner at a dim-lit restaurant with your loved one, you get to scream and screech on a rollercoaster! lol omg that's so hysterical! but fun, nevertheless :)

I got a text message from L , my best friend, who's in Switzerland now, wishing me a happy V. I was in the café when I received it, and I started laughing :P I dunno, maybe because it came out of the blue. I'd been talking to someone else, when the message yelled out in the absurd tone I set it on, and everyone turned around...rofl

Ok, so much for the perfect V Day, eh? But it's all good, and I'm content. I got nothing on my mind now, nobody behind my back, a goal ahead of me...and I'm content :)

I'm not saying you're harsh on single people, no, I'm only stating how some of us S people find you quite amusing, and probably enjoy you more than couples do...if that makes any sense. ;)

Till next time/ year...

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ibeebarbie said...

Salam Sparkling Motivation,

LOL@rollcoaster screaming on V Day! What a thought.

I love this line of your post "I'm content. I got nothing on my mind now, nobody behind my back, a goal ahead of me...and I'm content :)" Living in the NOW! The greatest feeling ever. Bravo!

It's funny this year I put no real thought or energy into feeling one way or another about Valentine's Day or the fact that I'm single and as a result I was showered with unexpected love from all over. It was awesome.