Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can you be an American in the UK? in other words, can Americans be Americans?

Right, so here I am in the UK for almost over a month getting along with my studies. As my MA starts next September, I thought I'd take an Academic English course so as to boost up my confidence in mastering my English language, especially where writing is concerned, and actually speaking with English native speakers.

About two years ago, I took an IELTS course in Libya and of course I was taught by English teachers, a male and female. For some reason or the other, the male teacher whom I'll refer to as (I)- cos that's the first letter of his name :P, didn't seem to find me appealing - not in terms of beauty! no not that lol- just that I had the American accent. Yeah, just that. He would constantly drop comments about how Americans were silly and stupid... like I was American in the first place!? HELLO! I don't know how I actually put up with him for the whole of the ten weeks' course. Glad that was over, yet, it resulted in my bad performance in my IELTS test regardless of how amazing I was in English.

And now I'm in England.

Ever since Monday, one of my teachers here, Angela, has been absent cos of a severe flu, so we were assigned another teacher... teacher? right. From the moment she entered our class of about 12 international students, she stated that she'd never taught an advanced class, and had no idea what she was doing. Till today and we had to tolerate that. Earlier, I discussed the matter with most of my colleagues that it was a terrible waste of our time, let alone of our money! I'm thinking of sending Angela an email later just to see if she's coming tomorrow or not, otherwise I won't attend with that silly substitute. Today, I left after 45 mins of the start of class, cos not only had she jabbered on about not knowing what or how to conduct the class, she even stated that American English disgusts her. And that was the last straw for me. She had noted that before, but I let it slide. This time, it was terribly personal. I felt insulted to the extremes. Like I had the choice to which accent I wanted to aquire as a child?!! I have no problem with the British English accent and never heard an American actually comment about it!


I haven't come across Americans here yet, but when I do, I'll make sure I'll ask them if they've had to deal with that too...

I mean, what am I supposed to do? change my accent to British? yeah right!

Hope this passes soon.

So, till next time

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