Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter... Happy Easter?! #_#

Okay, with all due respect people.

Easter is one of the prettiest times and occassions throughout the year, including the sparkling wonders of christmas with its snowy white cloths. You tend to see balloons decorating the area around you: boutiques, malls, supermarkets. Colorful eggs and yummy looking chocolate of all shapes and sizes!! :)

Mental brakes!! I was rather apauled to see many muslims online sending easter greetings to each other?! Hello? Do you guys know what it's all about? I mean, yes it's lovely and all, but this is not for us to celebrate. Like those who would actually buy a christmas tree and start ornamenting it, finishing it with an angel on top! (flexing my fingers here)I know some would say, 'Hey, it's only for the fun of it!', well, I wouldn't let myself be lead on by that!! >:(

I was born in December. And in Canada, christmas is so massive you're eyes would unconsciously tear. Whenever I'm in a western country during that period, I feel some kind of longing and connection, not spiritual or anything, but that of good warm memories. When I came back to Libya, winter was not winter without snow and christmas trees in the streets and light bulbs everywhere. My heart ached whenever I saw such things on tv, and I secretly thank Allah that I'm not obsessed with it beyond my beliefs.

Today, as it was sunny early in the afternoon- with the prediction of fog later on- I took the chance of slipping downtown and treated myself to an easter chocolate bunny :) Lindt ( I won't feel lonely :P) with a tiny bell tied to its neck, and instead of ordering a hot chocolate with it, I had chamomile! lol ..I know, I do the oddest of things at times.

Till next time :)


Leigh Russell said...
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Brave Heart said...

plz plz respect my feeling Im on diet, and choclate has 89745739 kcal on it? change it by fruit

Sparkling Motivation said...

That's a lot of calories! At first I thought it was your number :P


Sorry, but I'm addicted to chocolate!! :) mmmm

Brave Heart said...

nooo my number doesn't hv all these kcals :p