Friday, April 17, 2009

It's amazing...

It's amazing how much one can do in one week! What's more amazing is when you're blessed with great friends that know how to hang out and make the best of a holiday.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the movies. 17 again. It was just great fun! It's amazing how going to the movies makes me feel when it's over. I feel so heady and dazed, so absorbed by the world I've been to and that world just doesn't seem to fade away quite

The day before, we went by train to York.It was quite interesting. Small, old and cosy, it reminded me a lot of Luzern, Switzerland. We toured the city in six hours lol well, at least the main sights there is to see. We started by visiting the Garden Museum- yeah, that's what they call it :P

Today, I went to the hairdressers, and had to get up at 8am :(( boohoo! I had to curse myself, what was I thinking agreeing to an early appointment! sniff sniff

But, as we say, whoever wants the rose bears the thorns, ay? and it was an amazing result, I must say :) and I'm happy about it.

So, not I'm stuck with an amazing headache, cos I hadn't slept well, and I couldn't go out and enjoy the 'sudden' sunny weather!


Till next time...


Brave Heart said...

watch the reader, it's really nice movie.
York is very nice city, it remember me by Al-Kufra.
y going to hairdresser, i can do that free for u

Sparkling Motivation said...

HAHA...I don't think I'll be trusting a man with my hair, thank you very much :P

As for the reader, I've learned that it has some disturbing scenes so I refrained, though I'm a fan of Ralph Fiennes.

I've never been to Al-Kufra, but the comparison you're drawing seems intriguing :P


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Sparkling Motivation,

Sounds like you had wonderful time. I, too, wonder at times why I book things during the times I do---only to think later, "why did I do that?" LOL

Great pictures and I'm sure an even greater adventure. Thanks for sharing.

Sparkling Motivation said...

Thanks Barbie for passing by... sometimes I wonder where the sense we were born with is!!? lol