Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Nothing Personal. It's... Nothing Personal

Surely you've heard of the most famous phrase from The Godfather?

"It's nothing personal. It's business."

It's nothing personal. It's not even business. It's not.

Okay. In matters of love, I don't claim that I'm the best ever... romantic!

ضاقت بيك .... تبقى عايزني اكون حواليك ....ضحكت ليك.... اخلاصي يكون حمل عليك....
في الحالتين لا بنساك ولا عايزه انسى

I mean, what is wrong with me??!

I've been asking Allah for guidance, inspiration... some kind of revelation!! And it just comes across me as the right thing to do. Or perhaps that's what I think it is.

Should I go for it?

Story: I've been asking Allah for something (you guess it people! >_<) and this guy keeps coming across me!!     I know I wanted to be through with him for ages, but he... keeps coming into the picture. HE! Not ME!


Like, I really needed this right now!

Back during my course, he wanted to approach and I sorta kinda scolded him to leave me alone. And to be honest, I really wanted to be left alone. I was up to my ears at Uni and the last thing I wanted was to get involved with him again.... the confusion, the blech!!


Why are guys like this?

And if he's that kinda guy, why do I get to suffer?

Is he, after all this, the right guy for me?

So, after all, the way I'm feeling right now, is nothing personal. It's just not.

Allah grant me guidance. Allah grant me guidance. Allah grant me guidance.

And patience.


Till next time,

Sparkle xxx


Kav-Lee said...

I pray to Allah that if something is good for me then make it easy for me to attain and if its bad for me then remove it from my heart and life......

So far attainment hasnt been easy but then Allah does not remove it from my heart or life....

You just gotta have patience. Coz Allah is the best of planners!!!

ibeebarbie said...

Lets not forget (generally speaking) guys tend to be the hunters where as we the gatherings and nuturers. So, perhaps your brushing of him away has raised his interest in you evenmore.

Anonymous said...

is he a good person in everyway, if so, go 4 it, dont waste time, there are not much good fella's out there anymore.
walla etgeesy fee 3'lak !

Sparkle said...

Kav, thanks for the reminder... I keep praying for that quite a lot lately...

Barbie, I love the hunters-gatherings-nurturers part (you're talking jewels here ;) ) Yet, it's just making the situation much more harder... every time, I don't get the chance to set things straight >_< Grr!

Anony, I feel I don't know him anymore... that's an additional reason that doesn't make things seem right... Plus! I'm kinda busy to gees ghalah lol I'm totally head over heels with billions of particles in my head @_@ hhhhh