Monday, July 27, 2009

July The Sly

Hi again, all good?

I love writing...I really do! Why I'm not regularly writing here? I ain't got no idea... :( it's making me I'll write :D

Ok... (deep breath)

Last June (I hope I didn't mention this before) My friend Julia came back from a two weeks' holiday... you can't imagine how happy I was that she was back !! Cos I was going crazy without someone to talk and meet with from time to time. So, we met in a café, and that's where she told me that she wasn't back on her own... and I was like "Of course, you're husband came with you", she said, "No, my husband had to stay for a while..." it took me a few seconds to get it... yes, she was pregnant!! :) aw wow! That really made my day. It was funny how we started talking about preparations and potential names...etc so funny. I also told her that it was true what people say, that pregnancy adds beauty to a woman... :")

We had really hot weather...something which I never expected here in the UK lol... I mean it got really hot in Switzerland and other european countries, but since it was always said that it rained and so on here...I never thought it to be boiling! :P So I went on a two nights' trip to London... People, that city is amazing... Fabuloso! Yeah, I went for a cup o' tea with Her Highness... hehe. She asked me to stay for lunch, but I told her I had a tight schedule...sorry, no can do ;)

It was a blast! I visited most of the monuments. What I loved most was the wax museum... cool stuff! But I really hated going on the London Eye....cos it made me really dizzy @_@.... lol

I went to see Edgeware Road, the road which they call "The Arab Road" ...yup, and Arab Road it is. Arabs everywhere! Reminded me of Geneva :) Arabic music, Arabic cuisine, Arabic faces :P I had dinner at Maroush (Lebanese cuisine restaurant). What I hated there was this weird waitress who didn't seem to want to leave our table... she literaly stood there watching me and my companions!! I couldn't even swallow my food!! Sheesh! and whenever we emptied a plate or glass, she would come and sweep it away... man... talk about Good service :P

But it was great anyways, and I'd love to go there again :) Maybe when my folks come :D woohoo!

July 15th

That was the premier of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince... the much anticipated film of the year (at least for me) and we had to go to Bradford to see it on IMAX 3D Cinema. IMAX was an amazing experience and it's really a must do and see, not just for this movie.

The first 20 minutes were in 3D... I don't know why, but I assumed that since the movie is almost three hours, it would be bad for the eyes? (lol, just assuming here)
So, here's for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince :-*

Before yesterday, Julia sat for her IELTS test, which she found tremendously irritating, and what's more, her mother-in-law was to fly in the following day (yes, she's a pain the ...) anyway, so I called her and suggested we go to see a movie just to relax her nerves lol... she immediately agreed and we went to see The Proposal, which we decided to see ever since we saw the trailer at Ice Age 3 lol (cinema-holics here) It was a lovely film. Funny too (naturally, I mean Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? ;) )

Seeing that in the movie she came from Canada really reminded me of the country...

Which makes me wonder, did I tell you guys I was born there? well, there you go. I was born in Quebec, Canada... mid winter... snow... heaps of it :P That's why I'm a Saggittarius...but you know that :-j hehe

So...there's almost a month and a half to the beginning of my studies... not nervous here :-S ... Ok, maybe a little... who am I kidding? lol I've been going to the library alot lately, getting books and doing some's been great :)

Wow and Ramadan is less than a month away... *sigh* it all seems like yesterday, doesn't it?

So take care and wish you all well in your lives :)

Till next time ;)

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