Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honest Scrap About Me!!


This is really cute. I came across a cool blog and the blogger suggested that whoever comes across her 'honest scrap about me' to do the same and tage others with it. I hope I got it right, so here goes :D

1) I'm the youngest of three girls *baby*-- but i have a brother younger than me...bummer >:( lol


2) I was a veeery shy and quiet person as a child and growing up ... but in my teens, I got outta control ( don't worry, only at school and with my friends, plus I still have that feminine side in me *batting her eyes*)

3)I love sweets...chocolates, cakes, name it !

4)I hate loud voices (namely girls with a loud voice- totally unfeminine, don't you agree?)

5)I wore the Hijab when I was eleven :)

6)I collect stickers (esp: Disney characters ;) and any cute stuff)

7)I have to buy postcards from any country I go to, so I have a collection of cards right now :)

8)I used to translate for sick Arab people back in Switzerland (go with them to appointments and be there after surgery...etc) - I loved it!

9)I'm very good with kids (esp: babies- not the ones that cry all the time :D)

10)Hmmm... I was there when my grandfather ( my Dad's Dad ) died, I was 13.

There... I feel better now lol...

Your turn :D

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*samra* said...

how awsome! it was like an introduction to meet you!