Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodbye Shabaan ... Hello Ramadan :)

Hello again,

So far so good... :) and I want to be smiling as I'm typing this... to the great wide void that connects me with people..

It's weird at times when you feel you're all alone when everyone's around you...

I hate that feeling.. and that's not how I want to live... or keep on living this way.... if you guys have any tips on how to cope with a flatmate... please let me know... lol

Anyway... I seem to be on an ongoing search for things that would take my mind away from the daily irritations... I swear I'm doing my best! To the extent that I went to see a movie tonight... desperate huh?

Yup, that's what I went to see *blushes* it wasn't bad... I just had to do something...Not that I wasn't quite busy lately, I've been head-over-heels bustling about in a Libyan Forum, which I think is quite cool... (care to join?) ... my user name is Honeybun :D << cute name isn't it? hhhhh

Anyway,in the English section we've arranged a short story contest (if you're interested lol) I'm the head of judges ^_^ which is an honor ...

Bla bla bla... don't wanna keep rambling...

Can you believe it? my studies start in less than 4 weeks!! *shiver whimper* Boy am I glad that's come at last! *sheesh* I can't wait to get it over with... I swear... I think I've had enough of this country... with all due respect... or perhaps it has to with my surroundings.. very ghastly I assure you... add a little "depressing" on top *sigh*

But, as one girl once said "willing to try , willing to learn" so here I am...willing to try and willing to learn no matter what...

Salamz for now...

Till next time :)


ibeebarbie said...

Ramadan Mubarak!

Yikes - an irritating flatmate---what could be worse? I suppose being the irritating

I do understand though all that you wrote, and empathize with you. Wish I had some words of wisdom to pass along, but at the moment seem to be fresh out.

Oh, oh wait-----deep breaths until you become so relaxed you could careless. ;-)

P.S. Move to the states and we could hang out.

Sparkling Motivation said...

Ramadan Mubarek to you too sweet Barbie :)

You wanna know how worse can it get?

I'm so maddened by it all that I named my post to talk about Ramadan and started babbling about something else instead!!

*sigh* I need to rewrite it all over again... so that I mean it and it's all coherent lol

Thanks for the proposition btw... I know for sure if I'm going for a PhD ... it'll be either the States or Canada... and for sure we'll hang out ;)

Love and hugs xxx said...

your words are sweet melodies of honesty, nice to meet you sis ;-)... and well, umm, uhh, about watching a movie to avoid daily irritations, that's normal, I normally go for a banana split or cafe moccha with whipped cream.

About feeling alone when you're with people (aka flatmate), think of it as solitude, not loneliness. The difference is the latter makes you creative. See, you watched a movie, u did something, new :-)

laterz sis,

Sparkling Motivation said...

Thanks for the motivation Quest... you're truly right...

And thank you for passing by :)

P.S: I loved your blog!!

Salamz 7ayate

Quest said...