Sunday, December 20, 2009

When I Was Obsessed...

An obsession...

We've all got one, don't we?

But that's not the main theme of my post. I just wanted to point out my most recent obsessions... which I hope isn't that bad a one >////<

Check out this video

Isn't it great listening to all those legends and think, "Where'd the world go wrong?" No one's interested in making such elegant stuff anymore... nobody's actually interested in tuning in to them ... anymore.

So, my obsession is Dean Martin and Frankie... well I've been obsessed with the latter for quite some time now, which makes Dean a new. ^_^


O'right! For my latest!


You really wanna know? @_@

Well, I haven't been up to much activity least not study wise. Christmas holiday started last week and I wanted to take this week off from even looking at my books and drafts... so there you go. Your brief in. But I can't seem to take a vacation from my whirling mind... that is, if anyone can do that *wary laugh*

I'll talk about my miserable life with my flat mate later, so as to not bore you with it from the start here, and perhaps you'd want to consider skipping that part once you get to it.

So, anyway, about a month ago, Gary (my research tutor) asked us to prepare our final research proposal package (they like using fancy words, don't they? makes you feel like you're sending something by post.

I got this idea for a full length movie script. It's a Romance, Comedy- Drama, about a Muslim girl living in the west (thinking Canada, but might change it to USA)with her family, who are truly traditional and want her settled as she heads for her mids twenties. Now the conflict here is when she falls in love with a non-Muslim. Her parents don't know about this, and keep arranging a matchmaking scheme with a guy from her religion and country (I'm thinking Lebanon- Don't get me wrong, there's no specific reason, I just wanted to vary my work. I already worked on pieces that took place in Libya and Egypt, so I guess this would be reasonable)I have the plot sorted out, but I still need more tension and conflict. Seeing that it's a cross-cultural relationship the girl has, Gary needs me to show the western guy in a positive way... and I was like, "Right, not what I had in mind". My thoughts.

It's funny how people in the west keep having these miscinceptions about the way we live (easterns: specifically Muslims) There are stuff that don't apply to us for Goodness sake!!


I'll let you in on this soon, once I start redrafting and arranging my ideas.


Okay, for the juicy part, you've all been waiting for!! XD

Come on! You reached this point you gotta finish to the end!!!


So, I told you that my Mom called last week, and she was like, I need you to be strong and patient and all that... but that's just hard. You know how I allow myself to be sad and seek closure from depression by moping on things for a while? Well, I guess the same applies to dealing with my flatmate!!

T_T Like I could cry for-ev-er!!

It's just annoying the Hell outta me... and by "it" I mean everything!!
How would you feel if you keep finding laundry on the floor when it should be in the laundry bag? How would you feel if whatever needs to be recycled you keep finding them in the garbage bag, and not in their own division?

Can you possibly teach someone all over? Someone who's pushing thirty, that is.

Isn't that tragic? Not just for them, but also for those around them who have to put up with all the nonsense...

Sheesh!! I'm soooo tired and I really need to clear my head... for the sake of my studies. *sniff sniff*

If there's any advice you'd like to throw in to me, do it with your eyes closed...

P.S: Don't tell me to be patient cos I already got that on my list Q__Q *sniff sniff*

Yeah, that's my life you see.


Ooooh!! It's been snowing around here!! Goody Goody (still influenced by Frankie here) But it's not that much, but enough to add joy to my heart... and brightness to this gloomy land.

Sub7an Allah.... I just don't know how these people do it! Living here...

Well, now... I'll just keep listening to Mozart for now... and I'll BRB.

With a smile :) ..... hopefully -__-"

Till next time

Sparkle xxx