Sunday, December 13, 2009

When I Was Seventeen...

.... it was a very good year - Frank Sinatra.

How is it that the last few years I didn't feel my age? But last Wednesday, my birthday >////< , I took a good look at the pics I shot the day before and thought... wow! I so look 27! lol

Last Tuesday, I had my birthday party and invited some of my closest friends (one of which is Julia of course ^_^ ) I held it that day cos my Taiwanese friend, Yu Ling, had to leave for Taiwan on Wednesday.

We had a swell time! The theme was Libyan Music :P and I showed them pics and videos of back home. Now they're all excited about going there for a visit! ^_^ It'll be sooo cool if they came and I get to show them around XD

So, the following day, I planned to go see New Moon. I called Julia but she was busy that day... -__-" bummer... I contacted a few other friends, they made it but they came late... and we missed the screening T_T So one of them suggested that we see The Box (Cameron Diaz) I told them that the movie got really bad reviews, but they insisted and said that it'll be cool.

And it wasn't... tadaaa!

What really made it worth while was that we laughed throughout the movie because it was sooooo boring ^ v ^ The dialogue was all cliched, events predictable and the acting was so poor and dull! How embarrassing...

Ah well... you don't win them all, do you?

Hurray for the holidays!! Hip hip hurray!

Yeah, but way to go with all the work I need to get finished by January... Bumm-er.

Last Monday was our last Stage and Screen session, and it was a work-in-action class where we split in groups of threes and fours to act out our scripts (we also direct each others' pieces)... a practice to see how well our work "works" out. It was great fun and boy we had great laughs! yak yak... talk about the talent for acting! hehehe

Thursday morning my mom called. I don't know how it happened but I started crying. I had decided not to let her in on whatever bothered me especially with my flat mate... it's not like she can do anything to change things and to let her worry more was not a good idea. But I just did. I felt really lonely at that time and perhaps the mishaps of the previous day really turned me down.

Somehow I was glad to open up on things. She took really well and told me things I was in need to hear. She was right when she said "Whenever there are two living together, the heavy load is laid on one" ... which is clearly my case, and "be patient it's almost over... just try to imagine that you've only got each other in this world and you've got to be tolerant".

Oh God....why do they always have to be right, mothers?

So, as I've been telling myself over and over again... I need to be patient... as long as it doesn't affect my studies, it's all fine and I really need to get a grip.

I think my blog works for students living abroad hehehe so there you go, fellow students, a well packed tutorial book if you wanna call it that!


Till next time