Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finding Motivation...

The question is: where do you find your motivation? Or how does it come to you? Do you feel it? Have you noticed a specific time to it?

Oddly enough, I get my inspiration at the weirdest of time, and most certainly the most inconvenient... when I go to sleep!!

-__-" Yeah...

And how am I supposed to get up and jot down my ideas in the middle of the night?!! Last night, I decided to buy those pens that have a tiny lamp (light?) attached to them so you can write in the dark. I wonder where they sell them here? and will it really solve my problem. Now the thing is, I can always reach for my Cell phone and insert my brilliance on its note pad... am I that lazy?

OMG...I've got the English bug!! (danger music in BG)

Well, they are lazy people, and I've noticed that on more than one occassion... *sigh*

Don't wanna dwell into that...

I'm at Uni now... near the café, and there's this girl having lunch (slurping her soup) interesting...

So anyway... back to motivation... *slap slap*

Another thing I've noticed is that I get a whole load of motivation from movies. My sister told me about one of her colleagues who keeps telling them that if you're stressed, go watch a movie...

Okay, what if it's in the middle of the night? How cool would that be if I went to the cinema... *ghost booing, wind whistling, wolf howling*

*slap slap slap*

I was supposed to be here to get inspired and start writing... aparently I'm not... but I guess it's fine, because, as opposed to my sister's colleague, I get to vent out my stress into writing a whole lot of Himmagajib (nonesense).

So, when I watch a deeply stimulating movie (which usually happens to be late at night... i.e. before midnight :D ) and I'm so driven I can fly to the moon... but it's late at night... and I'm hyper... and I'll get tired soon... and wake up with a headache in the morning.

Dear readers, I am positive you'll go away feeling motivated after you read this... lol

In order to write in an agreeable manner, whatever the genre, you need to read as much as you can in order to achieve that... but there isn't time. Or is there?

Hmmm... time management.

Yes. Facebook, Youtube, Messenger...etc. How can you possibly manage your time when you're already addicted to this stuff?


There was a time, when I had to force myself into shutting down my laptop. Of course, I'd find myself staring at the ceiling... or trying so hard to figure out what to do- away from cyber space!!

I got books stacked, DVDs... files and paper work *looks away quickly* Grrrrr!

Priority check ASAP!!

Somewhere within the next couple of weeks I'll meeting with a deligated supervisor (whom I don't know till now) to start discussing my final research project, you know, the one I told you about once?

And bum-er... -__-" we have to make a presentation of our project idea to the others... as in, in front of everyone in the class. It's not that I can't do it... it's just that... I dunno, when you're not really familiar with your audience, and...
Okay to tell the truth, they just don't seem to "seem" interested in ohter people's work. Which is odd, cos this is the whole idea of doing it together... as in, to give final feedback and so on. But they just don't.

Even if they do, you feel like it's more of an empty praise. The worst part is when you feel like your work is not good enough to begin with... Sheesh!!

I think I goota go now... and do something worthwhile- for my studies :D- so no offense.

Till next time



angie nader said...

great idea (about the light pen)
...when im falling alseep i often plan for the next day...and it always turns into a weird dream.

good luck on your project!

Sparkling Motivation said...

LOL @ the weird dream... I'd go bonkers if that would happen to me!! @_@

Thanks for passing by Angie ^_^