Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One fine day...

Hello all!!

I am happy to say that, at this very minute, despite how I might feel in the very following minute, I am pleased and happy... Alhamdulillah... why? Well, basically, for no good reason... no reason at all ^_^

It's Islamic Week here at Uni, and the Uni's Islamic Society have built a tent right in front of the library for their Islamic exhibition :)

I've been there yesterday and today. Yesterday to have a look... today, to buy a ticket for tonight's show "Comedislam" It's supposed to be funny and easy going, so I thought I might give it a go. There are a lot of nice Muslim girls whom I've met previously at The Green Room (where we pray and relax) ... You can't imagine how lovely it is whenever we meet on campus... smiles, salams and hugs... just beautiful!!

Yesterday, I had my first tutorial with my Individual Project supervisor...guess who?


Adam -__-

But it wasn't bad... it went well and smoothly. Gladly, he was interested in my proposal... so there's my cue... to start with the writing.

It's a short story. And you know what's ironic about it? It's called "Adam's Apple"


I wonder if he's pleased about that???

Well, I gotta run now, the show starts in two hours. Will be back Inshallah to tell you about it :D So stayed tuned ^_^y

Till then

Sparkle xxx

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