Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When A New Day Taps You On The Shoulder

Hello again...

Wouldn't it be nice if all you got your friends to read your blog... for the sake of getting feedback... a reflection.... an echo... a reaction... so that you know you're not talking to the wall...

Okay...what was that?!

Like, if my friends read mine, I'd be burying my face like an ostrich >///< lol

Anyway - -"

So, I'm proud to say that I've passed my first semester modules..yeehhaaaa! Go Sparkle get busy!! get busy! :D


There's still loads to work on this semester and it sure ain't over yet. o_O
I'm glad that my individual project is going well... Can you believe it? I'm working with Adam as my supervisor!! @_@ what are the odds? and what's more... my working title is "Adam's Apple"


But to be honest, he's been great so far... which made me conclude that he's great as a personal tutor, not as a lecturer *yak yak*

It's a 4000 words' short story. A romance comedy based in present day Libya. Isn't that exciting? ^_^

The weather these days is not bad... sure it's raining, but that fine with me :) and it's the easter holidays... so yaay!!

Excuse me if I'm making no sense... I guess it's just a simple warm up to get me blabbering once again.

I know... I haven't said anything about Comedislam. It was a blast! I loved it big time :) I think the hall was full booked and there were people standing! It was good for a change, really, and I made some new friends ^_^

Last week I had two presentations, the first was in small groups to discuss my research project plan... (like that makes sense 9_9) the other was a poster presentation... yeah, I know... one of my colleagues was like: "How the Hell am I gonna get that done?"
And I was like: "James, think 6th grade!"


And that's how it was. We all got ridiculously creative with our lousy posters... good thing we weren't assessed for that -__-" *phew*

What else?? what else??

Ooooooh! My friend Julia gave birth to a baby girl!! woohoo!! she over a month old now... and she ain't got no name yet !! lol

My sister in Libya called her "Button" when she saw her pics... and that's what we're calling her temporarily hhhhhhhh :P

What else?? what else??

Yes! My friend in Switzerland is coming to visit woohoo! She's coming via train B-D lucky her... but lucky me too ^_^ I get to see her! heehee sadly she'll only be staying for 3 days....3 DAYS!!

And I haven't seen her for like 10 YEARS!! *sniff sniff*

Ok, I cheated and saw her on webcam >////<

This is it... sorry for being silly today... I don't know what got into me... I'm hyper and typing like a maniac!! * GRRR*

So, this is from me...

Till next time!

Sparkle xxx


ibeebarbie said...

Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Sparkle,
So delighted to hear of your passing your semster, as well as to hear your jubilation with all the events you have going on around you. You go girl!

Sparkling Motivation said...

Barbie, thanks a bunch for the push... I really need as much of that as possible :-S

^_^ Luv n hugz to you and your little princess!!