Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't feel like it...

Hello again ^_^

Very-hot-weekend. Period.

Yesterday, I had a tutorial with my research project supervisor,Garry. Since I've worked mainly on my script treatment for like... ahundred times! He said that now's the timeI needed to start with the writing. I told him, "About time!I feel like I don't wanna work on it anymore!!" rofl

I still need to work on a few details in my story line, but I'm sure it'll all clear out once the actual writing has taken place.

Here I am now at Uni... wanting to get started :D ... But, I suddenly don't feel like it... the working part. I guess I'll give myself some more time (?) and do some reading while I get my drive back and kicking -__-"

Baaaaaah!! Where's my inpiration gone!! *sniff sniff*



Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn! \(> o <)/

Heehee cute one, huh? I learned that my Taiwanese colleague on facebook ^_^ It's just similar to it though -__-

I need to finish Act I in three weeks time before my next tutorial.

And to those who don't know what an Act is, lemme brag a bit then hoohoohoo

Every story has a beginning, middle and end to it. Those three parts are referred to as acts in plays and film scripts, and the usual number is three: Act I, Act II, and Act III.

In Act I of a film script (which is my case here) is where the main characters, the setting of the film and the genre need to be introduced. In Act II, is where the major drama and conflicts occur. And in Act III, we see the solution to these conflicts.

So, in other words:

Act I: The Beginning = Set Up

Act II: The Middle = The Confrontation

Act III: The End = The Resolution

Every story has to have a plot, without which it doesn't move forward. In a script, there are two major plot points. The first is at the end of Act I; the second (the climax) takes place at the end of Act II. These points are the twists in the story that cause the obstacles that make it difficult for the main character to get to his goal easily.

The standard length of a film script is basically 120 pages,each page equals one minute of film...so, ultimately, that's what makes a 2hrs movie ^_^

Some movies are longer, and great examples of that are 'Gone With The Wind' and 'Titanic'... it just takes ages @_@

Now, let's try and put those basics to practice, and take a simpler example to demonstrate :D

Since I'm a huge fan of 'You've Got Mail' then I'll just use that ^_^

Catheline Kelly owns a small bookshop in New York and she thinks she's happy in love with her boyfriend/journalist, Frank. Moreover, she's online with somebody else. Joe Fox is a successful businessman who wants to expand his family empire by opening a mega bookstore, and happens to be that 'somebody else'.

Now this is the set up of Act I. We get to know the main characters, what they do and what are their main goals.

Plot Point #1 / The beginning of Act II

Joe Fox opens his bookstore right opposite Catheline's tiny shop. This causes the first twist in the story. Competition, Rivalry. Now we want to know more and how Catheline's going to react to this.

Plot Point #2 / The Beginning of Act III

Catheline seeks the help of Joe online without knowing who he really is. They arrange to meet, but when Joe sees who she is, he doesn't show up. Second twist. Catheline fights to save her shop from going under, while Joe's shop takes over. The confrontation. But at the same time, they establish a love relationship online and he gives her tips on how to deal with 'Joe Fox' (himself). hehee

The final part, (Resolution), Catheline's business shuts down and she's in deep grief. She hates Joe Fox for that, but is in love with him at the same time. Joe feels bad about himself and tries to win her over as his real self. They arrange to meet again, and she discovers the whole truth.

The End :)

Wow! And I thought I felt like doing nothing today!! heehee

Hope that was useful and interesting to you guys!

Till next time...

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