Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love is Just Around The Corner...Any Cozy Little Corner...

Ever heard that song? Frankie? ^_^ so cute!

Anyway... man it was a hot week! *poof*

I was very busy at uni most of last week to hand in my short story and critical commentary yesterday. Glad that's off my shoulders...

So, now I gotta focus on my research project... and ugh it's so hot to do anything *sniff sniff* it's even hot to be on my laptop right now typing!! It actually shut down all of a sudden earlier due to heat.., poor baby... now I'm fanning it with an envelope from time to time...

Yeah, I spoil my devices >/////< so sue me!! lol

wait lemme fan it some more...



Oh! I bought a netbook a couple of weeks ago ^_^ wow! I'm loving it!! It's 11" and definitely a blessing to have especially when you're the type who can't stay put in one place... heehee..... I dunno what got into me lately (???)

Wednesday night, out of the blue... well, not really... but it just happened that I was going to sleep and said my athkar ... and added a prayer... my usual prayer, perhaps, for a good husband :)

That night, I had a dream.

I dreamt that I was with my husband... and he was good n_n

The funny thing was, he came in two versions. As in, once he was one guy, and the other he was somebody else. And they were both soooo in love with me...

Gaaak!! Why am I talking about this >///<

Okay... I know both guys... both are Arabs but from different countries. The first was my colleague whom I hardly talked to, the other was my student.

lol don't worry he was a language student and older than me... the bummer here is that he's married -__-"


So, that was it... don't ask for details ... they're rather sloppy :-S
But I woke up feeling good. Even when I went to uni and saw this girl who hasn't been very nice to me lately sitting in a corner... I made sure I went the other way... coz I was in a good mood... and if I came across her, she'd probably zing me >:(



Guys... thanks for reading ... and thanks to those who've chosen to follow my blog ^_^ v Hope you find it both enlightening and entertaining!

Till next time...

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