Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ship.. Shop.. Shape!! @_@

Is it 'ship shop' or 'chip chop'?

I can explain that though.

Ship: coz I'm thinking of travelling!!

Shop: well, ya know >///<

And Shape: I gotta get into shape again.


Ahem, anyway..

Well, hello again... :)

So today I stayed at home... and proudly did nothing on my project. I've noticed lately that it's been a long while since I last worked out -__-" Maybe two or three weeks ago??

I hate myself!!

Coz last week, as I mentioned, was terribly outta control and I hardly had time to cook something to eat... so I had to eat take outs or have these ready meals that you heat in the oven... piece of cake, huh?

Yeah... and when you're England, whatever it is you're having, it's gotta come along with fries.... *danger music in bg*


I was about to opt out of writing about this, but I had to... have to! I even drew this silly scetch of a person on my timetable who's working out and having a hard time with it. This, my dear friends, is what I call: self motivation.


Everytime I'm gonna see it, I'll be reminded of what I've gained lately and what a lazy beans bag I've become...

So, the plan?

- Work out everyday except weekends :D heehee

- Cut down on the freakin' fries!! > x <

- Make sure I stick to it for the coming month


*sniff sniff* I hate to think... I just hate to think!! I don't wanna go back to what I used to be.

I wasn't obese, but I was ...rounded (?) And it made a lot of people throw comments at me... I'm sure you know the rest.

So, there you go. It's like a New Year's resolution, except this one's for the summer lol ^_^

I'll let you in on this... for motivations sake!!!

If you got any experience or stories, do share :)

Till next time xxx


Lebeeya said...

LOL, you are really cute. Food is so difficult to resist. All the best with your resolution and self motivation :)

Keep us posted xoxo

ibeebarbie said...

Fries are EVIL! LOL

I'm not sure what I dislike more---the opinion of others or the opinions I think of myself (i.e., self-loathing because I'm somehow not good enough or measuring up.)

I'm all for the ship and shop though, if you need a partner...LOL