Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stop. Drop... And Stay As You Are?



Hello again!

You know something? It seems like time has started going fast forward...eerily! I mean, it was just last Thursday that I met Garry, and today I met him again for my before last tutorial with him. @_@

Today we discussed some oints that I'm going to be working on by next Tuesday, let alone my critical essay -__-" The good thing was that his comments weren't negative. No. He actually wanted me to expand.

I've used some verse from the Qur'an as reference to the marriage issue, how it is not allowed between Muslims and non-Muslims. He said that he wanted an essay, not a sermon... he had a point. I guess I somehow got carried away >////<

He says I need to explore my approach in the creative writing aspect of my project, indicating my message through my main character who is a young Muslim woman.

Ah well.

There's so much to be done. The thing is, to get it done. I've only got less than three weeks for submission. May Allah aid me in doing so.

Last week, I learned a new prayer from a Libyan friend of mine here.

اللهم بارك لي في وقتي

Translation: O' Allah, let me make good use of my time.

It's not a literal translation, but its got the general meaning.

I've been up to a lot of work lately, at Uni, and at home. I somehow resorted to Wednesday as cleaning day of the week. I'd dust, mop and clean the WC. ^_^

But yesterday's work really got me tired and ending up with a backache T_T

Moving on! \(>o<)/

As I said previously, I'm thinking of starting another blog. Well, not just one. Two!


The voice inside me says, "You're not even coping with this one, you're starting two others?!"

"Yes!" Says I (feel free to think that I've flipped out), "Variety is good! Change is good!"

I can't wait to get myself out there, in the world! Thee world of non-students! << 'Thee' was a typo, but I guess it served the purpose hhhhhh


I'm thinking of taking up a language course. ITALIAN! Mamma mia!

Yup. Wow! I feel a sudden rush of optimism, that my neck hurts...

So, I'll be back with s'more... just stay tuned... my humble followers of 10 ^_^

Till next time,

Sparkle xxx


on the edge said...

Wishing you a lovely Eid !

Sparkling Motivation said...

Thanks! Same to you ^_^v