Sunday, August 22, 2010

The: What? Where? When? 7allah ...


So, it's been almost 12 days since the beginning of Ramadan... and it was only two or three days ago that I've made the discovery of my life.

Don't worry, I'm not adopted! hhhhhhh (no offense here)

I've had the praryers' timetable printed out for the whole year 2010, and according to it, Fajr praryer was around 3 a.m. this month.

It was till I checked the grand mosque's website that it was totally different...changed??!! @_@ That instead of 3 a.m. it was 4:30 a.m.


Yeah, yeah, yeeeeaaaah... urgh!

I've been fasting for like 18 hours when it shoulda been, 16 or so.



We've had very nice weather... warm relatively, and then rain rain rain, especially in the late afternoon. *sigh* Reminds me of summers in Switzerland. Whenever the temperature exeeded 30, it had to rain at night... heavily! ^_^ love it!


Last week, I told you I was gonna meet with Garry. And I did on Thursday.


In addition to two typos in the whole script (-___-" sheesh!) he gave my script an extreme "feedback"-over... as in, comments and notes everywhere.

Note to every fellow reader: I totally have no problem with notes, criticism, or whatever on my work :)

The thing is, the thing that reeeeaaally p***ed me off, was that he commented on stuff already there for like, ages! and this is when he decided to notify me about them...


Is this where I have to hate him?

Deadline's due on Sept 13th, and here I am gaping at my script... not knowing what to do with it...

That's where all the WHs came to mind...


Now I not only need to re-edit my script, but also start with my freakin' critical essay...

GASP! Which reminds me! How many words should it be??!! o_O

Puff. It's not there!

I hate my university email.


Moving on.

My brother's been on a serious retail therapy. And the thing that I've noticed? I get to feel better when he's shopping. Even though I'm not buying anything.


Man, we're so weird hhhhhhhh


Okay. Calling all girls.

I'm sure you're tuning into at least one or two of Ramadan's series on TV/internet.

My sister in Libya (let's call her Deedee ^_^) told me about an egyptian soap opera called:

عايزه اتجوز

Translated: I want to get married.


Like, I thought I had enough of that topic so far. But when I checked it out on, I changed my mind. It's totally hillarious! >_<

It's about a single egyptian woman in her late 20s early 30s, striving to get married in a time when a decent groom is a hard catch... -__-"

Today, Deedee sent me a link of the writer's blog, on which the series is based.


Her name's Ghada Abdelaal, and her blog carries the same name as the series. Like, Da! lol

And here's the link if you're interested. I skimmed through it, and believe me, you're in for loads of fun! Her style is both light and entertaining.


I need to rap up now. But before I go, I think you deserve to know what's going through my mind.


I'm thinking about starting a rant. Yes. A R-A-N-T. Like, I got so much on my head, shoulders, back...everywhere. (Heart included ^////^)

And I really need to get myself to write more. And since, to me, this seems like the easiest, most private (who am I kidding?) means to do so... then so be it.

Be back for more... B-D

Love out and about to everyone!

Till next time!

Sparkle xxx

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