Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things We Might Be Missing

Ah, well.

Ever thought when you find yourself saying that?

It's what I call "The Instant Relief Phrase". Like when you say things that you don't totally believe in or you're not quite sure of, but once you say it... it gives you instant reassurance. That whatever happened is not worth the worry and anxiety, or whatever's to come is for the better... you'll see.

Make any sense?

Today I got up early -___-" to go swimming. I took Mom with me. It was her first time here. Man the pool was crowded! There only one other Muslimah there.

*sigh* You know, it was only when I came here to the UK that I truly felt the importance of exercising. Probably because when I'm at home here, I can reach my destination in less than a step lol :P

The flat I'm in right now is approximately the size of our kitchen in Libya. In other words, our house is about five to ten times bigger than my flat :( in other, other words lol, there's not much moving around unless I'm at Uni running from one lecture to another or from one shop to the other heehee.

So, yeah. I miss our house. There's always a vacant place for you to be at on your own *sigh* 

Around 3 pm, I met with Julia. The weather was mild and cloudy... so lovely. We walked a bit then sat in a cafe to feed Daniella ^_^ Wow! She gave us a hard time lol she's 7 months now and we started putting her in those high chairs for children. She's so funny. Well, we were!! It's like I was holding her hands away and Julia would try to feed her without causing any mess. XP Then she had her bottle and fell asleep...*phew*

Poor Julia. I've been going through this stuff with her ever since baby D was born... yet it's so much fun! Dancing with her, singing to her, buying her stuff (ever so tempting!!)

I keep thinking at times, especially when Julia and I get exhausted, whether I can keep up with that ... for my own sake XD lol

Okay, I'm starting to say things!!

So, till next time,

Sparkle xxx

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