Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Once Upon A Stage...

You really wanna know? Like you really wanna know!?


Ok Quest, here's what happened.


Yesterday- Writing for Stage and Screen class- 15:30

I've been preparing, like, all of last week for this lecture... reading about the damned 'Theatre of Catastrophe'... trying to get myself to understand what it stands for... blaa!

Our tutor asked us to read about it and react to it "even if you think it's rubbish, say so, and say why" ...

Well, he asked for it...


Omg, I should be expelled!!


I'm not a bad student. I was just trying to get things straight... in a way or another. Cos, I hardly know anything about theatre, let alone Theatre of Catastrophe... it's like a Catastrophe on its own!!

So, he asks us what we thought... One of my colleagues expresses that he thinks it's absurd. I thought: "Ok, good. A negative perspective, so I won't be the odd one out."

Like that's some kinda justification to that type of thinking?! Puh-lease

Tutor turns to me: what have you to say?

Me: I agree with James, and think that it's unreasonable to presume that an audience would want to go and attend a play and subject themselves to pain and torture- which is what this type of theatre often explores- let alone the fact that we as humans don't appreciate the exposition of our lives in front of us (dunno where I got that from)

Tutor blinks: Well that's the main purpose of most plays is that they exhibit our lives before us.

Me: True. But the idea of wanting to go and witness what might be disturbing is quite absurd.

Tutor (his face turning red to his ears): So, if you were told to go see Macbeth or Henry V, you wouldn't go see it because of the violence within it?

Me (Ooops): Surely I would go see them as their being a classic...

Fortunately, the discussion shifts to another route.


I dunno what happened there, but it kinda gave me the sense that I wouldn't get it. Unless I try mega harder. I'm an Anti-Complication type of person, if that makes sense.... hhhhh

But I spoke later on to my program manager, who is an incredibly nice man, and expressed my concerns about the module, and whether I'd be able to follow the pace. Luckily, I'm not obliged to write a stage script, rather a script for screen, which is kinda my thing, cos I get to write the story... as a story- hence imagining it as a movie- and then would transform it into script format.

Yippee... case solved hehe

Well, at least I went through the trouble of finding a suitable pic for my post... Who other than Tuxedo Mask (from Sailor Moon) would better serve the purpose *batting her eyelashes*

Today at the Short Story Workshop, we practiced writing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person narrative. 3rd is great and a piece of cake. 1st is something of a challenge but is tolerable. 2nd... mmmmbbaa. lol quite out of the ordinary I must say. Never done it before, unless within dialogue.

NB: for those who are unfamiliar with this:

1st person: is when the main character is the narrator "I said... I did..."

2nd person: is when the narrator is indicating YOU lol "you ate your breakfast...etc"

3rd person: is when the narrator is the viewer of events, the one looking over the characters shoulder if I may say "he said... she said..."

Later after that, we went to our main building screen room to watch a documentary about two British citizens who carried out a bombing attack in Telaviv back in 2004. Shocking I must say. My program manager is one of the researchers on the case for the documentary, and we held a discussion about it.

Well packed day... and a rainy one too ^_^ beautiful weather when it's raining... I tend to feel better.... and calm.

Loads of writing to do.. and loads of stuff to start reading about (if you know what I'm sayin' ) lol

Till next time ;)


angie nader said...

wow thats cool..so you want to be an actor? or a writer?

questfortherightone.blogspot.com said...

Sounds like a heated yet fruitful discussion with the tutor, who, remember is still learning from you while he teaches you. Or so I'd like to think in my dreamy world.

Yeah about that no-complication point. I can imagine you writing screen-plays really well....

come up to my blog anytime babe cuz you know it's all fun!! ( :


Sparkling Motivation said...

Hey Angie...

You think I'd be a good actress? *batting her lashes* hehe I'm in the writing category... but acting is irresistable at home :P

Questie girl, thanks a bunch ^_^ It sure is fun and I like hanging out there XD

Hmmm... care to be a part in one of my movies? B-D *flashes a smile*

ibeebarbie said...

Wow---interesting topic. I think we often forget how much time, thought, etc is actually put into a written script for a production. And when you top that off with perhaps passionate dialog supporting one cause or another it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Bravo to you!

Sparkling Motivation said...

You are absolutely right , Barbie.

As I read my way through screenwriting, I got to see how much work a scriptwriter's gotta put to get his work into shape!! Let alone the whole directing process and the tweaking it imposes on the original script.

Thanks for sparing the time to stop by ^_^

Missed you!! Hope Amira's doing good and shinin' at school :)

Quest said...

I wuv to be in your movie! Bollywood? I can do a wicked Aishwarya Rai (-:

Sparkling Motivation said...

You'll be lil' white ridin' hood on her quest to her handsome prince... How's that? lol ^_^