Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When I Felt Secure...

Last Sunday the 25th, the time here went back an hour. i.e. darkness falls before 5 pm...

Now, at school on Mondays and Tuesdays (that's when I have lectures, which are 3:30- 20:00 pm Monday and 16:00- 18:00 pm Tuesday)I need to come a little earlier than that in order to pray either Assr or Maghreb.

Last Monday, I inquired about Muslim prayer room and was directed to the "Green Room" they call it. Guys, you can't imagine how blessed I felt I was... the place was magnificent. Not big, but totally convenient for our practice.

It looked more like a flat to me. There was a small room for prayers, just like that in real mosques, a small kitchen with everything that is usually found in a kitchen (lol)What I liked about it was that there was a small fridge with drinks and baskets next to it with cakes, sandwiches and packets of meals (eg. rice with chicken) everything is enlisted in a list on the wall with their prices, and there's a small piggy-bank safe to place your payment.

What I was surprised to see was the toilets, made the islamic way.

Isn't that neat or what!?

I'm sure other sisters feel blessed as I do... to be taken care of and thought about whenever we might be in need. I felt so relieved and safe... the atmosphere was so complete.

When you climb the stairs to the room (one thing I hate about it is the stairs lol... breathtaking! :P) you find notes and posters of prayers and athkar you can say whilst you're on your way up... yeah, they know it's a long way hehe

This week is charity week at Uni. Muslims and Arabs volunteered. A couple of guys dressed in funny costumes and stroll around with buckets to collect money, and campaign for the cause. Others held booths that sold doughnuts, clothes and other stuff. One booth offered to apply ornamented Henna for girls ^_^ cute...

Last Monday, after my 3:30 class, my colleagues and I gathered in a cafe oposite our Uni. We had a pretty cool time together, and I was glad that they weren't hard to get along with :)

Alhamdulillah for his blessings and gifts upon us... and may we all be forever gratefull to Him...


Till next time ;)


SoulSeek said...

Haha Excellent!

We've also got a neat wudu facility catered for the muslims. It's quite tidy I must say!

Charity Week, costumes and donuts. Hmmm my sources tell me that's Manchester? ;)

Quest said...

salams shnookums,

how are you darling? And yes yes indeed, that feeling of safety or completeness at seeing an Islamic site like this is.... chirpy....

wuv uuu,

Sparkling Motivation said...

Soul... I must say, your sources have failed you my good man heehee

Alas! You I am truly saddened to learn that you have not read my blog thouroughly... otherwise you would have known where I exist...

I read every freakin' word in your blog!! sniff sniff

lol ok jk

Quest, I'm doing good so far...

It's totally brilliant!! Thanks for passing by guys :)

Wuv you back Q ^_^

Sparkling Motivation said...

Ignore the "You" after "Alas"

>///< hehe

SoulSeek said...


Okay I've read almost everything XD

I said Manchester because one of the boys was telling me for Charity Week they got 300 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and sold them all! haha

At our Uni we had Captain America (ironic) wrestling with Spongebob . . it was epic! We had a quality week and raised a lot alhamdulillah!

p.s you have quite the eye for photography, keep it up!

Here's a couple of mine for motivation: