Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Writing Like A Maniac...

Jello again ^_^

Jello as in Jell-O...



So, if you're ever thinking of entering the writing business... think twice... thrice... even more if you can... the more the merrier ^_^

But why am I saying that? Of course all course has this kind of perplexing anxiety department in its building... get it?

I might not be making any sense... that means I'm overloaded and my mind is occupied with a hundred thousand territorial ideas... for my writing that is.

Last week I was drowned in an assignment- which I happened to have procrastinated (gosh I hate writing this word!!) for quite a while- of 3000 words... happily it was merely a first draft, but, you know, good impression's the key here... or is it?

So, now I'm up against another deadline next week... a 5000 words portfolio of short stories (or story), also a first draft. I dunno if they're being generous with this "first draft" thingy!! or is it just to get on our nerves ... and as one of my colleagues said, "Let the writing begin."

I felt like slumping on the table before me... -__-


Every Tuesday, we meet for a reading session. We read a play. Our tutor runs the event... and ever since day one.... he insisted that we act the play... and I was like @_@ ahee ahee hee...

Not that I got a problem with acting (I think I'm pretty good at it XD ) The thing was, I didn't know anything about the play, plus it was in British English!! Plus the dialect!! AARRGGGHHH Seeing that we were short in cast we had to all take more than one role... bummer! And when it was my turn, I read out like an American robot ... here's one of the lines that went horribly wrong LOL:

From Edward Bond's play "The Sea"

THOMPSON (ME hhhhh): My life. I was sweatin' back there. I was certain-shar Mrs Rafi'd come through. Juss the sort a notion she'd git took in her hid. She gave me the sack doo she find me here."


OMG... that was a nightmare! Good thing it was a comedy, so I sent a wave of laughter among my colleagues, one of whom has a roaring laugh that's soooo contageous (yak yak yak)

The weather these days is gloomy and rainy... I like this weather ^_^ hehe ... yeah, welcome to my realm of the weird!

So, 5000 words by Monday (the next)... an initial scene treatment of my screenplay by November 6th... how delightful! ^_^

Believe it or not, I'm gonna have to collaborate with another student to direct my script- which my tutor keeps telling me to keep on a low budget- well, da... it's not like I was thinking Pixar or 3D...!!

lol jk

OK...focus! I have one short story finished (500 words) which makes 4500 words to go.... yaaay how comforting... *whimper* I do have an idea for a tragic story, and another which is sorta sci-fi...

I hope I don't sound pathetic... cos I do... lol ... OK, middle age crisis on the way. But I'm glad I get to ramble on about it here... to save what's left of my sanity. Believe me, it's really good to write like a maniac... at times :D

Give it a go... and the true you will-- show!


Till next time ;)


angie nader said...

being well read is a good thing...and well written(im so horriably written)

Quest said...

Sssssphlendiddd!!!! and lol by the way!

I've always performed what I read, if not in life then in my head.

Sparkling Motivation said...

I disagree with you Angie.... I love your writing!! ;)

Quest, I can imagine you wearing the director's beret and waving the script to and fro... lol

Thanks for passin' ladies ^_^ a usual :)