Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Dearly beloved,

We are gathered today, not to witness a couple getting married, nor to dorky about today's date hhhhh but for something more important :)

Today, I announce the launching of my very own website *sniff choke*


I'm so excited about it :D

It's mainly dedicated to all Arab females who have experienced life on another planet ( per se ) lol other than her home country. We shall all be a part of a united community in cyber space to get together, share experience and do many more.

So, I want to start sending out invitation to the lovely ladies I know here, and hope that in turn they'd pass it on to enlarge the circle.

I'm counting on you girls ;)

See you at the site and I hope it appeals to all

Till next time ;)

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hey, email me at, got a question for u missy :)