Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ramadan... Day 29

Well... well... well

Seems like it's over already, huh?

Today's the last day in Ramadan... I miss it already *sniff*

So, happy Eid to all Muslims around this tiny planet. I pray to Allah that he will accept all your prayers, efforts, supplication and good deeds Inshallah.

The pic at the beginning of this post was dedicated to me from my dear ol' student in Libya (Fadwa).

My folks arrived to Leeds last Tuesday. Boy was it a relief to finally see them. I haven't seen my Mom and big sis since January!! Except via webcam... but that doesn't count to me :P

My Dad was here with me till February, so I haven't seen him for quite a while as well.

I'm so happy I don't get to spend the day of Eid alone... Al7amdulillah ^_^

My heart and prayers go to all people around the world, who are far from their family and loved ones... to those who are imprisoned in the occupied lands of Palestine... the others who suffer from deprivation of any sort... May Allah grant you peace and patience to go through the days.

Salam to all my friends and beloved family and relatives in Libya.

All my love to my dearest, best friend Lila in Switzerland * I miss yooouuuu *

To my dear blog-pals... all respect and appreciation, and heartfelt dedications on this special occassion.

Till next time';)


SoulSeek said...

Hope you had a wonderful Eid with your family!

They're just not the same alone! :)

Sparkling Motivation said...

Thank you Soul.. I enjoyed it a lot... I hope everyone had a good time as well and was not far from their loved ones...

Take care and thanks for coming back ^_^

Constructive Attitude said...

Eid mubarak!!!!!!!!!!!

Quest said...

Sparkles sure made my Ramadan shine with light and warmth :-) wuv u, but I write with something in mind (and she gives an evil mwahahahahaha laugh) check out my latest post cuz I'd be curious to know what u think missy S :-)


Sparkling Motivation said...

Thanks Attitude, Many happy returns Inshallah ^_^

Quest... everytime you say that you make my stomach lurch... -__-"

lol... jk

Will do sweet girl... thanks for your lovely words