Monday, September 7, 2009

Tag!! You're it!! :D

How are you doing y'all? Almost the last third of Ramadan... you doing your best so far? ;) Inshallah He will acceptc your hard work... Ameen

So... now it's tag time nehahaha!!

I was tagged in a forum to post a pic of what I usually carry in my bag :-S hehe
Not too intimidating... don't panic... so here's my cargo to start with

What d'ya think? ;;) hhhhh

1 anti-bacterial gel
2 iPhone
3 tissue
4 Purse
5 lip pencil (and sometimes lip gloss- depends on the weather... or the mood hehehe)
6 bus ticket
7 pen or pencil
8 lip balm
9 hand cream

OK now it's tag time... and I officially tag: iBeeBarbie, Quest, Random Hijabi and Faith

Can't wait to take a peek :P

Till next time ;)

TAG YOU'RE IT!! to everybody else who reads this XD

2 comments: said...

hi love, can I be sheepish and tell you what's in the purse (she smiles) and by the way, this little purse of mine is like a black hole cuz i had no clue it can fit so so soooo much!!!! Yikes!! :-) lol!! I have like a closet and a drawer in there!! :P

1- lip gloss
2- key to apartment
3- usb
4- gum
5- face cloth
6- wallet
7- cell phone
8- notebook
9- three pencils
10- bottle of advil
11- pencil case
12- ricola herb lozenges
12- sunglasses in its case
13- small qu'ran
14- small bottle of motrin
--- there's more :-)
15- small jennifer lopez perfume (yeah guilty, shuks)
16- that's it

heheheh!!! lol!! :-)

mental pic works? :)

Sparkling Motivation said...



O'right you baa baa baaad girl ... Number 16 doesn't count... although it made me laugh hhhh ^_^

Though I might let the mental pic slide...but I really want to know WHAT kinda bag fits all those stuff!! ROFL

love xxxx