Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain ...

School's back...

It is for most people out there. Our dear school students at their various stages; the ones at college heading for yet another year; teachers preparing for lectures etc...


Well, it's all just started ! lol

NB: Surely, ignore the fact that I should be asleep by now!!

I started yesterday, as in Monday the 28th. Last week was induction week, where we had general meetings about the program and what not, in addition to a lovely international student lunch.

Settling down wasn't that hard. Or maybe that's what I think... for now. I am the only Arab and muslim in my group of about 20 MA students(99.9% of which are English!) The problem I'm facing, basically, is the fact that their Yorkshire accent is nowhere near comprehensive ... pain... in... head. But they're very nice and friendly... so I have nothing to complain about.

I take writing for stage and screen as one of my optional modules (something which I never even dreamed of taking in my life!)And the tutor's in the habit of moving about the class in a dramatic fashion (I'm assuming unintentional, as it seems a matter of habit lol) with an occassional wriggle of his brows, and devlish glare when emphasizing a point. A masterpiece hhhh.

Today was Short story workshop. I simply loved it! I'm completely familiar with the narrating game where someone starts off a story by writing the first sentence and then another person adds on to it, as a result, a short story- not neccessarily sound, is born! Except our tutor took a different approach and asked us to do it orally...


lol so he started off by one student then suddenly jumped to another and another etc. It was fabulous and we had a hell of a laugh.

That's about school... now family!

I know I haven't posted since Eid, but as you know, my folks are here and we've been going out and about. Our latest was a weekend in London woohoo (well... semi-woohoo, cos I got a cold from the AC on the road *sniff cough* and I'm still stuck with it!)

It was a fabulous trip and I'm glad we went as a whole. Can you imagine, almost 31 years ago, my parents came to London for their honeymoon... heheheee ! well, waddya know!

I bought some cool stuff, I promise to show them off here... LOL jk heehee

Boohoo ... my family are leaving this Thursday... sucks.

But they promised to be back for Eid Uladh'ha.. Inshallah ^_^

mmmmmm... yup, that's it for now y'all!

Till next time ;)


Quest said...

Peekaboo lady :-) i'm feeling so super duper spesh as in speccccial! You're my sister always and I'm so lucky.

oooo parents around eh, and just before school gets crazy too, some good times but the best part is that you're taking writing for screen and stage... that's fab! You'll let us know what film/play you end up creating you shakespeare you!


SoulSeek said...

I can't believe you just cussed the Yorkshire accent. It's the most beautiful accent in . . THE WORLD! It's proper spoken English!

I'm feeling the uni blues too . . best of luck and I hope you achieve your dreams.

Sparkling Motivation said...


I woulda believed you sir had I not been in the midst of this chaos!!

"proper English"? omg you make them sound like they spoke with the perfection of Rex Harrison!!

lol :P

*sigh* that felt better XD

Good luck to you too pal ... ^_^